Prague – Regensburg

6 Days/5 Nights, 330km/206miles, MODERATE/DIFFICULT

Join us for a bike tour from Czech Republic to Germany going down one of the oldest business routes connecting two important European centers – Prague and Regensburg. This trail was used already by prehistoric hunters and its importance is proved by the high number of castles and ruins. In the past they assured safe passage of goods on this important road and nowadays they create very romantic panoramas on the way. The natural beauty is granted by wonderful karst caves near Prague, lovely Regen and Cham river valleys and Bohemian Forrest. Good food, but most importantly high quality beer will you find first of all in the center of the Czech brewing industry – in the town of Pilsen with its Pilsner Urquell. The “icing” of this tour is the medieval town and the former capital of Bavaria – Regensburg with more than 1500 historical buildings and Prague with its unrepeatable ambience.

Day 0 – Arrival to Prague - not included in price!

Description of the day: Accommodation in Prague, optional sightseeing tour of the city (not included). An evening briefing including information about the organization of this bike tour from Czech Republic to Regensburg, the travel plan, adjustment of bikes, and getting familiar with safety during transport. Extending your stay in Czech Republic is strongly recommended in order to be able to visit Prague and all its beauties. Adventura can arrange accommodations and tour guiding services for you. (for more see Prague by bike).

Day 1 – Prague – Karlštejn - Žebrák

Distance: 69 km / 43 miles

Description of the day: We start our trip from Prague along the beautiful Vltava and Berounka rivers all the way to the mighty Karlštejn castle, built in the 14th century to serve as a calm retreat for the Bohemian king, but moreso as an unconquerable fortress guarding the Bohemian and Imperial crown jewels! With gentle terrrain, well-marked bike routes, and beautiful, wooded countryside, this first part of the day is a popular trip for Czech and foreign visitors alike. Following the banks of the Vltava will reveal beautiful views of Prague before we reach the Aula Regia monastery in Zbraslav and veer towards the quiet Berounka. Along this river, we bike through small, picturesque villages like Dobřichovice with its chateau. By midday you can either visit the Karlstejn castle and village or, should it be not enough biking for you, there is always the option to enjoy to the Karst region of Malá and Velká Amerika! In the afternoon we can admire the beauties of the Czech Karst natural protected area. We start with a ride through the limestone canyon of the Berounka river, soon to arrive at the old royal town of Beroun with its nicely preserved gates and town centre. Saying goodbye to the Berounka, we will follow the small river Litavka that leads us to two gothic castles. In the valley. The Žebrák castle perfectly represents a romantic ruin, while the second castle, Točník, on a hill, is perfectly restored. From here, only a little pedaling remains to today’s lodgings in the small town of Hořovice with its beautiful baroque chateau and charming gardens.

Day 2 – Žebrák – Pilsen

Distance: 62 km / 39 miles

Description of the day: Today the beautiful hills of the Brdy nature reserve greet us on our way to the town of Dobřív. Here we can admire a 14th-century stone bridge and perfectly preserved iron water mills from 17th century – the biggest in the country! After this we will get on our bikes and head south to a former military town of Mirosovice. It´s Baroque castle beauty will be inviting us to visit its interior. From Mirosovice, we will ride through a wooded region all the way to the Kozel Castle, which used to be a hunting and entertainment estate of the highest Czech nobility of the second half of 18th century. Optional mountain premium of this stage in the form of a breathtaking view of the area awaits those, who will not get discouraged by a 200 m altitude difference of the Radyne Castle. The others go ahead towards the oldest building in West Bohemia – the 11th century Rotunda in Stary Plzenec. We will conclude this stage in the center of the Czech brewing industry – in the town of Pilsen, where we will be able to fully enjoy pints of the famous Pilsner Urquell. Guided tour through the brewery is highly recommended!

Day 3 – Pilsen – Klatovy

Distance: 59 km / 37 miles

Description of the day: In the morning of the fourth day of this bike tour from Czech Republic to Regensburg, you can go for a sightseeing tour of Pilsen, famous for its world-known brewery. After that you will get on bikes and head south again. First, you will go along the Radbuza River and after couple kilometers you will continue upstream the Uhlava River all the way to Klatovy. The town of Klatovy, founded in 1260, is frequently called “The Gate to the Sumava Mountains”. Among its interesting sights belong the Black Tower, an old square, as well as catacombs with approximately 200 mummified bodies of Jesuit monks. Just before you reach the final destination of the day, we will have just enough time to visit a well-preserved Svihov Water Castle, from the end of the 15th century, or the Merklin Castle.

Day 4 – Klatovy – Roding (Germany)

Distance: 55 km / 34 miles

Optionally we can take a morning transfer (car or train) to Domažlice, a town, like Klatovy, very proud of its Chodové culture. In the Middle Ages the locals were responsible for the border defense and thus released from field labor for the aristocrats. Many permutations and ancient habits mark the culture here, like the use of bagpipes in music! From Domažlice we continue by bike across the old Iron Curtain border to the german town of Fürth. From Fürth, known for its dragon festival and dragon museum, we bike along the river Cham to its confluence with the river Regen and onwards to the old town of Cham, passing through its Beer Gate and Old Town.

Day 5 – Roding – Regensburg

Distance: max. 62 km / 39 miles

Description of the day: We will spend this last day, in the company of the Regen River, which will lead us to the second oldest town in Germany, which is the final destination of our week-long trip. All the area is called "castle area" so be sure to have enough space left on your cameras for your pictures! At first we will go through the town of Roding, which origins go back all the way to the year 844 and its two ancient monasteries. The Walderbach Monastery along with the Monastery in the town of Rheinbach nearby was built in the 12th century. Nittenau Bodenstein Castle is the most significant building here and therefore should be visited as well. Visiting the Ramspau Village, its majestic castle and picturesque Main Square is definitely worthwhile as well. From here, we are just a skip away from Regensburg and our bike tour from Czech Republic to Regensburg will be slowly coming to the end. Important notice: For guided group tours the support vehicle with bikes and the tour leader leave Regensburg on Day 6 in the late afternoon. All participants with flight tickets from Prague can travel by supporting vehicle to Prague for free. These bikers spend their last night in Prague.

Day 6 – Regensburg

Description of the day: The last remaining sites on our “to visit list” is picturesque square with a majestic cathedral, an ancient bridge and a stroll through narrow streets. There are more than enough sights to visit here since this town was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. More than 1 500 memorials of its two thousand year old history are waiting for you.

The tour ends with a breakfast either in Prague or in Regensburg.

Price list
(in EUR)
City Standard Accom. Premium Hotels Accom. Bike rental
Price per personSingle supplementPrice per personSingle supplementPrice per person
Self-led Tours55513074516560 /90 Diverge/ 120 e-bike
Fully Guided Tour845130103516560 /90 Diverge/ 120 e-bike


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