Why with us?

Why Central Europe?

Central Europe has always been a crossroads of Europe, sort of a bridge between east and west. Mixture of culture, languages, traditions... The influence of Celtic, German and Slavic customs made it picturesque and colorful part of a world. We have old castles or its ruins (the estwords concentration in the whole Europe!), medieval towns full of gothic or baroque houses and churches... Despite the common image you will find here a lot of really authentic natural areas descriptiond natural parks of European importance. Tolerant people happy to see tourists in general and bikers / cyclists in particular. And last, but not least – good and tasty cuisine to upgrade your nice day to a perfect one! Did we miss something? Of course – the Beer! Czech republic is renown for brewing the best beer in the world being one of the original homes of beer! With this so called "liquid bread" so good and popular you will easily understand one of our sayings – the world is more beautiful through a bottom of a beer mug

And absolutely important for us, cycling lot, growing number of really good bike paths, cycle friendly traffic... One can say we are not Holland or Denmark, but we work hard to join them in this respect.

Come and have a look yourself

What to take with you?

  • Depending on the time of the year you come, but the climate is mild and friendly. We do not have tours in harsh winter :) Biking season starts at the end of April and ends at the end of September (to get more information about weather specifics of different months see our When to come section).
  • In pre-tour guidelines you will receive our recommended list of “to bring” equipement.
  • Anyway, while biking it is always good to be prepared for possible bit of rain or morning cold... and hot sunny days!
  • With our bikes you will get bike helmet (pp), per couple universal repair tool box, tire levers, spare tube, pump, handle bar bag capable of carrying camera, vallet and 2-3 pieces of extra clothes like light jacket and so on.
  • In case you are used to pedal cages do tell us. Those of you using SPDs or similar please bring your pedals with you.

Why with us?

  • We believe in friendly attitude, our guests are our friends.
  • As we truly love our country we do our best to show you the best of it.
  • As a local specialists we find for you hidden gems most other travelers miss on their way.
  • Long time experience and wide tour offer
  • We do not know what working hours are – write or skype anytime :)
  • Would you like more? Feel free to contact us with your wish!
  • We have perfect quality bikes
  • We stay in smaller but comfortable and very authentic venues rather than big hotels

When to come

  • When to get here? Depends on what you are looking for really.
  • In late April you can have a bit colder, on the other hand nice greenish trees and meadows, not much tourists.
  • May is the full blossom time – one of the most beautifull times and still pretty lazy season.
  • June is warm, has very long days, first fruits are ready at the end of this month to collect of the trees for free – especially cherries. And the kids are still at school.
  • July, August – summer holidays. Very warm to hot weather, a lot of fruit along the side roads. Heaps of festivals and towns full of beer gardens.
  • September – the beginning is still pretty warm, you have apples around the roads. By the half of September begins the vine festivals – fantastic time in South Moravia or north of Prague!
  • Late September, October – the weather gets tricky and can be rainy (not nescesarrily!), on the other hand – the country is pretty “empty” again and the nature has fantastic colours of the autum.

Anyway, you choose the part of the year to come and we are sure Czech Republic will always be an Experience for you – we will add our smiling bit to that :)