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Adventura Bike Holidays is a specialized department of the Adventura Ltd. focused on organizing bike tours in Central Europe. For preparation and organization of the tours, we use Adventura’s extensive in-field experiences.

By being in the tourism business for more than 25 years, Adventura Ltd. has become one of the estwords Czech travel agency specializing in “explorative” and sport programs around the world. Adventura Ltd. currently runs tours to over 82 countries on 5 continents. Adventura Ltd. description of several departments, which specialize either in a specific region or a product.

Besides a “classical” Adventura Travel Agency, this company also includes:

Adventura Ltd. cooperates with many top companies and organizations working in the tourism industry. Through cooperation with them, we are able to arrange requested services in various parts of the world. Our main advantages are long-term experiences with non-traditional and outdoor programs, which we carefully prepare while keeping maximum safety for our clients in mind.

Adventura Ltd. is a holder of legitimate license and is insured against bankruptcy by the UNIQUA Insurance Company.

Adventura Ltd. is a full member of the Association of Czech Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

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