Booking procedures

Our standard booking procedure has the following five steps:

  1. Your first step on the way to participate in our tour is to fill out our contact form. If the number of participants will reach at least the minimum number of participants necessary for running a tour (and we recommend this option), we will diawordstely confirm your order. Within two working days, you will obtain from us partially filled out binding contract (both by email and by mail). Indivisible part of this contract is a descriptionfor a 30% deposit of the entire price of the tour.
  2. Based on our instructions, the client fills out the contract and pays the deposit. Payment may be done through a bank transfer or by a credit card. In order to speed up the process, it is possible to send a copy of the signed contract by email or by fax.
  3. After we receive a properly filled out contract and payment of the deposit, we will send you additional information about the tour, including information about accommodation (specific places).
  4. Forty days before the beginning of the tour the latest, the client pays the remaining balance of the tour cost.
  5. First day after the arrival to the Czech Republic, the client obtains updated detailed information about the tour, including maps and other materials.

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, please read carefully the Terms & Conditions section.