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Jindrichuv Hradec

Jindrichuv Hradec (CZ) a magnificent palace with Renaissance arcades, a unique music pavilion and a Medieval “black kitchen”. City is blessed with a glourious medieval past and, structurally at least, untouched by modern conflicts. Prague-Vienna ...

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Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary also known as Carlsbad is the most important Czech spa with a 600-year-old tradition. This fashionable health resort is also attractive due to its historic architecture, beautiful colonnades and sanatoria. Spa Triangle and Prague.

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Borova Lada

Protected territory of the extensive Chalupska slat (Chalupska fen) with the largest and most beautiful bog lake in the Czech Republic with floating islands.

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Klatovy (CZ) is considered the west Bohemian ´gateway´ to the Sumava Mountains. It is a small, attractive Renaissance and Baroque city that deserves few hours of your time! Prague - Regensburg.

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Kvilda (CZ) a mountain settlement founded at the confluence of the Cerny („Black“) brook and the Jezerni brook, at the altitude of 1.602 m above the sea level.

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Laa an der Thaya

Laa an der Thaya (AUT) sometimes called the „Gateway to Moravia“, is a charming town that was first mentioned in a document in 1150. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roads.

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Lenora (CZ) a village at the confluence of the Rasnice and the Vltava, 765 m above the sea level. The local glass works had been one of the three remaining glass workshops in Sumava to preserve the old tradition, making „off-hand“ blown glass befo...

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Linz (AUT) the European Capital of year 2009. Events like the Ars Electronica and the Bruckner Festival have brought international attention to this historic city and encouraged many to visit it.

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Litomerice (CZ) – is not just a pretty town. Litomerice has been a church centre of big importance since the 10th century because of its majestic bishop chateaux. Prague-Dresden.

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Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne is a famous spa resort that evokes the feeling of one great park. Elegant spa houses and colonnades arching above curative springs are enclosed in greenery. Woods surround the town, very close to the center. Spa Triangle and Prague.

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Plzen (CZ) usually called Pilsen, is an old Czech town founded in 1295. Golden beer labeled Pilsner Urquell and the Skoda Engineering Works are the two phenomena that make this city famous worldwide. Prague - Regensburg.

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Kynšperk nad Ohří

Firstly mentioned in 1232 (this date making the town documents the oldest ones in Czech Repuiblic), nice old castle ruins and old town make this little town a fine stop.Spa Triangle and Prague.

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