that's how much we know the Czech Republic

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Royal castle, now ruined firstly mentioned in 13th century originally built to protect the path to Bavaria. Most popular during the reign of Václav IV. Never conquered, but left for its harsh living conditions. Prague - Regensburg.

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Royal castle on the way to Pilsen. Founded by king Václav IV in late 14th century as a guard on the path and retreat. Never conquered. Later used as noble seat and pilgrimage spot. Prague - Regensburg.

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Big dam lake in south Bohemia on the river Vltava. The surface is the biggest water one in Czech republic. Very popular in summer for swimming but mostly for yachts. Around the lake there are fantastic bike conditions with very good paths.

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Česká Sibiř

Popular name for a part of central Bohemia. This area is more cold than other parts thanks to a group of 6 to 7 hundred metres high hills. Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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UNESCO Protected town in Eastern Bohemia, en route to Moravia. Wonderfull chateau, renesaince houses. Every year a major music event - Smetanova Litomyšl is held here.

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Old town in eastern Bohemia upon the river Elbe. Home of the Semtex explosives, world famous Steeplchase and gingerbread

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The old traditional capital of Poland, today popular tourist spot thanks to its unique old town listed on the UNESCO heritage list.

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A little town in southern Poland, best known for the Asuchwitz concetration camp during WW II

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