that's how much we know the Czech Republic

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Eggenberg Brewery

Brewery in Český Krumlov, built in 1560 the name being the of the noble family that ruled the town till the 18th century. Old brewery is still used, one the best ways to explore it is to take the tour and then enjoy mug of beer in the nearby old r...

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Samson Brewery

The oldest brewery in České Budějovice (Budweis), now not that popular as the Budvar, but still worth a try to have the comparison. Beer Tour and Prague.

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Regent Brewery

Brewery of Třeboň, firstly mentioned in 1379. Till 1945 in noble hands (Schwarzenberg family were the last ones). Bit more sweet than other local beers, the Regent is well worth a try. Beer Tour and Prague.

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Staropramen Brewery

The last remaining big brewery in Prague vwas founded in 1869. The beer is a bit more sour then most other czech beers, do try the non-filtered variety or the Granát one. Prague-Vienna Greenways. Prague-Dresden. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roa...

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Pivovarský dům

One of the newest prague breweries. Specializes in non-traditonal stuff like beer champagne. Do give it a try :) Prague-Vienna Greenways. Prague-Dresden. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roads. Beer Tour and Prague.

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Jezero Laka

The smallest of the glacier lakes of Šumava, with its 1096m above the sea level it is highest located one there. Deep only some 4m it has a turf bed.

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Horní Vltavské údolí

Romantical valley of the river Vltava with many weirs hugely popular amongst czech holidaymakers. Thanks to many old towns and castles/chateaus it has a lot to offer.

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Kanoe Vyšší Brod – Krumlov

Optional day! Lets change the bike for a canoe and give a try to what hundreds of holiday makers enjoy every summer! You will start in Vyšší Brod and after a day of many castles and nice spots on the riverbanks end in Český Krumlov.

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Old village with old monastery – origimally romanesque, later rebuilt in baroque style. The monastery church belongs to the most importatnt czech romanesque buildings. Prague-Dresden.

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Porta Bohemica

Meaning „The entrance to Bohemia“, Porta is a majestic canyon of the Elbe (Labe) river in nortehrn Bohemia. Begins shortly after leaving Mělník and going till the German border. Prague-Dresden.

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Town in Germany, historicaly inhabited by the Slavs and for some years part of the Czech kingdom. Oldest news about the place are from 6th century. Nice old town with the Virgin Mary church and monastery. Prague-Dresden.

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