that's how much we know the Czech Republic

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Pramen Vltavy

Only a symbolical point with a wooden sculpture. The real springs of this mighty river are in the nearby hill.

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Ústí – kostel

Known by the locals as the church with the leaning tower. Originally built in early 14th century, rebuilt neo-gothicaly by Josef Mocker in late 19th century. The leaning tower is a result of heavy allied bombing of the town in april 1945. Prague-...

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19th century chateau, one of the city dominants. Easily reached by a funicular from the city centre. Prague-Dresden.

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Chateau near Kamenice, now a luxurious hotel used ny the government. The surroundings have highest concentration of ponds in this part of Bohemia. Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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Velké Popovice

Village in Central Bohemia. Firstly mentioned in 1331. Today best known for the Kozel brewery. Do také a tour and try the beer guaranteed by the giant goat :) Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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Old and majestic castle ruins over Dyje (Thaya) river. Originally royal, later owned by many powerfull lords. Thanks to its position and heavy defensives never conquered. Now nice and picturesque ruins. Prague-Vienna Greenways.

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Old wineyard near Znojmo. It is one of 10 best wine spots in Europe thanks to fantastic sun and mild conditions. Since middle ages the wine is popular among the rich and noble, especially in 19th century it was a must on the imperial court in Vien...

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Old stronghold from the 8th and 9th century. Probably one of the royal seats of the Moravian empire. Still under big archeological concern. You can find here a lot of excavations including church foundings. Prague-Vienna Greenways. Wine Trails a...

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Velké Bílovice

Small township in south Moravia. Traditional wine growing region, now the bigest one in Czech republic. Thev township was firstly mentioned inearly 14th century. Wine Trails and Iron Curtain Roads.

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