Prague - Vienna EASY

6 Days / 5 Nights 321 km (201 miles) EASY/MODERATE

Come with us for a tour of the beauties of the Czech Republic. It connects many places that for their uniquenes were listed on the UNESCO herritage list. During the 7 days you will see a lot of the best stuff in this part of the country. You will learn some of the gastronomical treasures of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria – bohemian Beer, moravian wine, the local plum jam, or wiener schnitzel. We start in the historical heart and capital of the Czech Republic – Prag, from here we continue eastwards to the cozy middle age town Kutná Hora, an old silver mining centre with some fantastic mainly gothic architecture crowned with the marvelous St. Barbara catherdral. Rich towns Litomyšl and Brno offer yet more historical monuments like castles and gardens, moreover in Brno you can admire the fantastic modern architecture of Villa Tugendhadt bulit by the famous Mies van der Rohe. Finally we bike through the biggest english park in Europe – the former Lichtenstein property of Lednice-Valtice where we can conclude our days with a glass of fantastic local wine! Last but not least we bike over the border and then by car to the lively austrian metropolis – Vienna.

Den 0 – fakultativní - Příjezd do Prahy (není zahrnut v ceně!)

Popis dne: Tento den je na Vás, průzkum hlavního města či jenom relaxace v hotelu a jeho okolí... v případě zájmu umíme nabídnout průvodcovanou túru či cyklotúru historickou částí Prahy. Pochopitelně budeme jenom rádi, když v Praze strávíte dní více - v tomto případě se na nás prosím neváhejte obrátit stran hotelů. Dokážeme nabídnout poměrně širokou škálu hotelů jak podle místa tak komfortu.

Day 1 Prague - Nymburk - Kutná Hora

Distance: 42 km / 26 miles

Description of the day: In the morning there will be a train transfer from Prague to Nymburk – a charming old town on the banks of the Elbe.From here we start biking along the river upstream on a nice bike trail to the spa town of Poděbrady.From here on we continue to the old royal town Kolín with nice old town and ornate renesaince synagoge. Here we leave the Elbe and bike to one of the UNESCO herritage places – the old silver mining capital Kutná Hora. Through the Middle Ages it was one of the biggest towns in the kingdom, extremly rich due to its silver mines, a Mint and grat trade. Thanks to all this we can today admire cozy old town with many fascinating buildings crowned by the stunning St Barbara cathedral – a real jewel of gothic!

Day 2 – Kutná Hora – Pardubice

Distance: 53 km / 33 miles

Description of the day: Before we leave Kutná Hora we will visit an extraordinary venue – the Sedlec ossuary where all is built using the bones of more than 30 000 dead people making it a stunning exhibition. Just before we reach the Elbe again we can visit a lovely klasicism chateau Kačina. Once with the big river again we can visit the Kladruby national stud farm which produces exceptional horses since 16th century. In the afternoon we will bike along the Buňkov lake where one can get a nice swim or just relax on the beach. Todays last stop is the medieval town of Pardubice. Charming old town with nice chateau, old lanes but home of the SEMTEX plastic bombs as well. Fro those looking for something sweet i tis good to know that Pardubice is the czech capital of traditional gingerbread.

Day 3 – Pardubice – Litomyšl

Distance: 61 km / 38 miles

Description of the day: This day is a little hillier as we leave the river for good, but full of beautifull sights. First we can visit or just enjoy the view of the mighty castle Kunětická Hora. After taht we join yet another river – Loučná – which we follow to the village of Vraclav with a memorial of the Vršovec noble family which was slaughtered here by the royals in 12th century. Next stop is the town of Vysoké Mýto, today the hub of bus construction, its long history proved by nice town square and nicely preserved city gates. Todays lodgings are in the UNESCO protected town of Litomyšl, hokme of a fantastic renesaince chateau with stunning gardens. Litomyšl i salso the birthplace of the renowned componist Bedřich Smetana which i severy year celebrated by clasical music festival.

Day 4 – Litomyšl – Letovice - Brno

Distance: 25 (50) km / 16 (31) miles

Description of the day: Today you have two options - the shorter one going directly to the nice renesaince town of Svitavy where you take the train to Brno and have most of the day for exploring this lively moravian caipital including the UNESCO protected Villa Tugendhat. Other option is following the river Loučná and over some tiny local villages taking a little detour to the charming town of Polička. It has the best preserved medieval walls in the Czech Republic and a very good brewery. After that you continue biking to Březová nad Svitavou, where you catch the train to Brno.

Day 5 – Brno – Mikulov

Distance: 60 km / 37,5 miles

Description of the day: For most of our todays journey south we can follow the river Svratka which makes it both gentle ride and easy navigation. First and very nice stop could be in Rajhrad with its fantastic 11th century monastery. Over Zidlochovice with its chateau we slowly get to the reall heart of Moravia with its vineyards and wine cellars. First we have to cross the huge Nové Mlýny dam. Even there we can start wine tasting or perhaps learning something about the ancient history o the area and the iconical stone age statue of Venus of Vestonice. Finally we can choose whether to climb the Pálava hill or whether to bike around it to get to the local gem - the town of Mikulov.

Day 6 – Mikulov - Lednice/Valtice UNESCO grounds - Mistelbach - Vienna

Distance: 35 km / 22 miles

Description of the day: This day is dedicated to biking in the beautiful region of the Lednice/Valtice cultural landscape. From Mikulov, we will bike along the former Iron Curtain Road to the royal town of Lednice to explore the fantastic former lands of the Lichtenstein family. Centuries ago, swamps were carefully turned into parks and ponds connecting the stunning chateaux of Lednice and Valtice while hiding numerous smaller structures among woods and streams. Finally in Austria we will bike through the Herrnbaumgarten Village, famous for its poetic museum of nonsense, all the way to the wine museum in Poysdorf, where you will have a chance to complete your weeks' wine "education"! Then we will pass through Wilfersdorf with its chateaux. We will conclude our day in Mistelbach, from where bikers on shorter option will take a train/car transfer to Vienna.

Vienna - not included in price

Description of the day: A sightseeing tour of this magnificent city, former capital of the Habsburg Monarchy, town of the waltz and opera. In case you are interested, we can arrange tour guiding services for you or help you to extend your stay that is strongly recommended. (See UNESCO). Same as in Prague also in Vienna night is not included as most of our guests prefer to stay more nights. Therefore we offer large variety of hotels which we are happy to recomend ( ** / *****).

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