Prague – Dresden

6 Days/5 Nights, 198km/123miles, EASY

The same way as the rivers flow, we will ride along them through a beautiful countryside full of picturesque towns such as Melnik, Litomerice or Bad Schandau. This bike tour from Prague to Dresden will take us through natural beauties of bizarre Czech-Saxon Switzerland National Park, as well as through romantic region of former volcanoes of the Czech Middle Mountains. The last kilometers will take us through cultural regions under the auspices of the UNESCO – the Dresden Valley of the Elbe River. Connecting two European centers, as well as the beauties of the Vltava and Elbe River basins, yields a very attractive, but not physically demanding tour manageable even by less able-bodied bikers. As a bonus you can enjoy boat trip or half day hiking in the Czech Saxon Switzerland!

Last but not least, thanks to huge investments within last few years Prague Dresden tour had become best developed bike trail of Czech republic with more than half of a distance on special bike trails or on minor roads with marked bike lines! Not only for that this trail is highly recommended to families with kids! Should you prefer E-bike, do ask us!

Day 0 Optional: Prague - not included in price

Description of the day: Most all of our clients arrive at least a day prior to the tour to enjoy the city. We usually help with accommodation and any other needs you have. This day is up to you to explore Prague by yourselves, relax or have a unique Prague by bike tour (see more in Prague by bike section). The tour is guided by Prague born guides who truly love the city and will show you much more than Lonely Planet highlights and moreover – all of it done by bike and finished by a mug of good beer in carefully chosen place. Do not hesitate to ask us for this extra tour – it is the most beloved one of our clients! If time is not your worst enemy, we do propose to stay in Prague more days to fully explore the beautiful spots and hidden corners of it. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more nights or other attractions!

Day 1 – Prague – Melnik

Distance: 53 km / 32,5 miles

Description of the day: The first day of this bike tour from Prague to Dresden will start by a pickup at the airport or at hotel. We strongly recommend extending your stay in Czech Republic in order to be able to visit Prague and all its beauties. We can arrange accommodation and tour guiding services for you (for more see town tours). Despite the first small ascent, today’s stage follows a nice trail to the heart of the Czech wine region – the town of Melnik. It is a good warm-up for our further bike stages. Just before we leave Prague, we pass the Troja Baroque Castle and we continue to the North following the bank of the Vltava River. The river cuts into the ground here, which creates very interesting rock formations and deep valleys. Visits of castles in Nelahozeves or Veltrusy are the biggest highlights of this day. We will end this stage in an old wine town at the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe Rivers with a glass of a good wine.

Day 2 – Melnik – Litomerice

Distance: 52 km / 32 miles

Description of the day: Today’s stage of the bike tour from Prague to Dresden will lead us through a calm Elbe region and is without significant altitude changes. This region is one of the most fertile regions in the Czech Republic. Due to the confluence of the Vltava and Elbe Rivers, the river gains on its mightiness and strength and slowly becomes a European major waterway. After passing the Libechov Castle, we will get to the town of Roudnice nad Labem and we will have a chance to admire an old church and a castle. The most impressive stop on today’s stage is the massive Terezin Fortress from the turn of 18th century, which illustrates the military architecture of that time. The seamy side of its history is the World War II period. This era was filled with hatred and cruelty and dramatically spotted the history of Terezin - a place which the Nazis used as a Jewish concentration camp. We will conclude the day in an old town and spiritual center of this region – in the town of Litomerice, which is an antipole to the horrific Terezin Fortress.

Day 3 – Litomerice – Decin

Distance: 53 km / 32,5 miles

Description of the day: The third day of this bike tour from Prague to Dresden is planned for exploration of the romantic countryside of the Czech Middle Mountains. Even though, this region is very hilly, we will follow the banks of the Elbe River most of the time and hills with several old-time ruins will surround us. This former volcanic region had always been an ideal terrain for building of castles and fortresses, many of which have unfortunately not been preserved till present times. The Strekov Castle, which was built on top of a steep rock cliff, belongs among one of the most romantic castles in the Czech Republic. After a more strenuous climb, we will be rewarded by a magnificent view from its walls. The final point of this stage will be the Northern Gate of the Czech Republic and the town of Decin – town with the lowest altitude in the Czech Republic.

Day 4 – Decin – Czech Saxon Switzerland - Bad Schandau

Distance: 25 km / 9,5 miles biking, 5-15 km hiking or additional cycle trip

Description of the day: This day will be almost fully optional but always special! In the morning of this bike tour from Prague to Dresden you can decide, whether you prefer biking or sailing for last point in Czech republic - Hřensko. This border town is situated in the heart of the Czech-Saxon Switzerland National Park and offers many attractive activities. It is very good especially for hiking lovers. It offers many touristic trails leading through the scenery of the rocky towns, the mesas, the passes, deep gorges and hillsides. Special bonus to admire is the wonder of the Pravcicka Gate, no doubt, the biggest natural rock bridge in Europe.

You can also try sailing on the boats through the passes of Kamenice River, continue your bike tour from Prague to Dresden on one of many marked bike trails through this wonderful country, or combine a boat trip with ride through a romantic valley on a historical tram in Bad Schandau. Although it´s the lowest place in the Czech Republic, you will feel like being in the mountains all the time! After saying Good bye to Czech Republic cross the border to Germany just on the edge of the historic spa town of Bad Schandau.

Day 5 – Bad Schandau – Dresden

Distance: 40 km / 30 miles

Description of the day: This day is packed with historical sites! After leaving Bad Schandau, we will see a scary looking Königstein Fortress and just past the curve a beautiful rock formation with a romantic rock bridge and Bastei Ruin. Optional climb to this unique natural wonder is one of the highlight of this whole tour! We recommend it, it is definitely worth it. Moreover, the effort needed for getting up to these high altitudes will be awarded by unforgettable view of surrounding panorama! Couple of kilometers down the road, by the town of Pirna, we will enter the region of the Dresden Valley, which is under the auspices of the UNESCO. There are several beautiful castles and museums of music masters, such as Karl Maria Weber or Richard Wagner, which used to compose in this area. The final destination of today’s stage of the bike tour from Prague to Dresden, as well as of this tour, is the city of Dresden.

Day 6 – Dresden

Description of the day: A sightseeing tour of this magnificent city. In case you are interested, we can arrange tour guiding services for you or help you to extend your stay. There is probably no other town in Germany which better symbolizes the turbulent history of this country and shows many centuries of cultural and architectural boom combined with religious freedom and economic prosperity. A short admiration of Nazism was followed by a cruel punishment in the form of the biggest bombing during World War II, which turned almost the entire city into ruins overnight. After-the-war resurrection into forty years of communistic unimportance is followed by twenty years of renewal and reconstructions. Thanks to this renovation of the entire city, today we can admire the beauties of this place, which earned the nickname of “Florence upon Elbe”.

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