Spa Triangle and Prague

7 Days/6 Nights, 243km/152miles, MODERATE

Come with us to the land of healing springs, rich history, breathtaking nature and open-hearted people. Join the bike tour and you will find an unrepeatable atmosphere of spa towns, remarkable historical sites, and the natural wonders of the Ohre River and the Slavkovsky Forest. You will see the unique Reliquary of St. Maura from the 13th century, located in Becov nad Teplou, a bizarre complex of 11 houses called "Spalicek," and the unique imperial castle with the massive town fortification and famous chapel in Cheb. You will also have a chance to drink from healing springs in the fairytale-like towns and castles from the 19th century. For something stronger we offer you a beer spa, the first in the world! Here, you will be able to find out that beer can treat our bodies not only from the inside, but also from the outside!

Day 1 – Arrival to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

Description of the day: The first day of this bike tour will begin with your arrival to Karlovy Vary. This 14th-century town, founded by Emperor Karel IV, is the largest spa center in the Czech Republic. The town is known primarily for its 12 healing springs, the Becherovka liquor, and world-famous china/porcelain. We recommend an early arrival, so that there will be time enough to spend on the colonnade or for a short hike with wonderful view over the town! On request we can organize transfer by car or bus from Prague (130 km). This transfer is free of charge for fully guided trips and tours with luggage transfer included!

Day 2 – Karlovy Vary UNESCO loop

Distance: 30 - 70 km / 19-44 miles

Description of the day: In the morning you will take a local train for a short ride to the Ore mountains. This old mining/mountaineering area is now under the UNESCO protection thanks to all the mining and mining related history. You take the journey to a small mining town of Horní Blatná. Here you start biking through towns like Abertamy or Jáchymov and check out a lot of the herriateg yourself togehter with the lovely nature!

Day 3 – Karlovy Vary - Františkovy Lázně

Distance: 62 km / 38 miles

Description of the day:  We'll start from Karlovy Vary and bike through the amazingly beautiful Ohre river valley nature. Our day leads us along a newly built cycling trail through the Slavkov Forest nature preserve and the stunning Svatosske Skaly rock formations. Following the river we arrive in Loket with its stunning 14th-century castle. Next stop is the town Sokolov with a nice chateau and town centre originating in the 13th century. Refreshments abound along the route, but the Kynsperk brewery  or the coffee Mostov's small chateau are highlights. Today's last stop and our overnight stay is the spa town of Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzesbad), a 19th-century spa town built by the emperor Franz I.  This regal town still maintains the atmosphere of the golden age of spas. Immerse yourself and enjoy the waters after a long biking day!

Day 4 – Frantiskovy Lazne Spa and Iron curtain loop 

Distance: 37 km / 23 miles

Description of the day:

Today's program is quite flexible as we stay here for 2 nights, so those more interested in the spa can relax the whole day and enjoy the treatments!

For those who decide for a bike treatment, we can recommend loops up to 70 Km. For centuries this area stood as the border between the Holy Roman Empire and the Czech kingdom. Thanks to this fact, our day's ride will be full of castles, fortresses, and chateaux, many accurately restored so the whole trip looks like a journey through "Old Europe“ - which it is! Part of the day will also trace the borders of the Iron Curtain, a reminder of the Cold War. Should you desire, a short trip to Germany reveals the recently restored Hohenberg castle, where the German people expelled from Czechoslovakia after World War II have their cultural centre.

Day 5 – Františkovy Lazne – Mariánské Lázně

Distance: 50 km / 31 miles

Description of the day: Just a couple of kilometres from Frantiskovy Lazne we reach the town of Cheb. For centuries this town was the gate between the Holy Roman Empire and Czech kingdom. This beautiful town is without doubt the most "German" place in the Czech Republic, highlighted by the 13th-century merchant house, "Špalíček," and the imperial castle, unique in the Czech Republic.  It was the favorite residency of the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and contains a striking Romanesque chapel. From Cheb we bike on car-free roads through small villages that attest to the centuries-old influence of the German people. On the way we visit a Marian Loretto pilgrimage church and a chateau in Stary Hroznatov. The last stop on the way is the opulent chateau Kynzvart, built by Counselor Clemmens Metternich in the 19th-century as his representative seat. Today its architecture makes an elegant café stop. Just a few kilometers on, we reach our final stop of the day – the spa town of Marianske Lazne. Take time to soak those muscles in the spas' healing waters.

Day 6 – Mariánské Lázně – Bečov nad Teplou - Mariánské Lázně 

Distance: 55 km / 34 miles

Description of the day: In the morning we have to climb a hill, or we can take the ski lift! Once on top, we bike along small roads to the Tepla monastery dating back to 12th century. We can admire the monastery church and particularly the library with some 80 000 books from all eras. From here on we bike through the mild forests and meadows of the Slavkovsky Forest area to the town of Becov nad Teplou, its chateau the hiding place of the famous St. Maura reliquiary. It is one of the most important and  valuable historical items of the country and of all Middle Ages Europe! From Becov we can either take a train to Mariánské Lázně, or bike the remaining distance back.

Day 7 – Departure

Description of the day: This day is up to you to relax and explore either Mariánské Lázně or Prague by yourselves. If in Prague and eager for more biking, we highly recommend our Prague-By-Bike Tour (see more in Prague by bike section). The tour is guided by Prague-born guides who truly love the city and will show you much more than Lonely Planet highlights - all on a bike and finished by a mug of good beer in carefully chosen place. Do not hesitate to ask us for this extra tour – it is the most beloved one of our clients! If time is not your worst enemy, we do propose to stay in Prague more days to fully explore the beautiful spots and hidden corners of it. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more nights or other attractions!

Price list
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Self-led Tours59513577016070 / 105 Road/ 140 E-Bike
Fully Guided Tour895135107016070 / 105 Road/ 140 E-Bike


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