Prague – Passau along Vltava

6 Days/5 Nights, 290km/181miles, MODERATE/DIFFICULT

The Prague-Passau road has always been one of the major communication arteries of Habsburgs Monarchy, where the fist horse pulled railroad of this empire was built. On this bike tour from Czech Republic to Passau, we will visit antique UNESCO towns Prague and Cesky Krumlov, stronghold and cradle of Czech reformation Tabor, as well as fairytale-like castles of Konopiste, Rozmberk and Hluboka nad Vltavou. In the center of Czech brewing industry, in České Budejovice, you can taste it´s famous product – the Budweiser Budvar (not Budweiser Missoury!). We will end our journey in Passau, a town located on the banks of the Danube River. Danube boat trip might be the perfect farewell!

Den 0 – fakultativní - Příjezd do Prahy (není zahrnut v ceně!)

Tento den je na Vás, průzkum hlavního města či jenom relaxace v hotelu a jeho okolí... v případě zájmu umíme nabídnout průvodcovanou túru či cyklotúru historickou částí Prahy. Pochopitelně budeme jenom rádi, když v Praze strávíte dní více - v tomto případě se na nás prosím neváhejte obrátit stran hotelů. Dokážeme nabídnout poměrně širokou škálu hotelů jak podle místa tak komfortu.

Day 1 – Praha – Konopiste

Distance: 61 Km / 38 miles

Description of the day: The first day we start upstream the Vltava river along a nice new and totally flat bike trail. This way we meet a lot of fantastic views of Prague and then of the Next we start little climbing to and through the Sázava river area. This nearly wild area gives us some breathtaking views with a sensation of hidden wilderness. First stop will be the ex gold mining royal town of Jílové with its stylish townhall. Our next stop will be in the town of Tynec nad Sazavou and its Gothic castle. We will conclude today’s stage by visiting the Konopiste Castle, which is unique for its exposition of 10 000 hunting trophies, which were collected by Archduke Franz Ferdinand D´Este. Successful assassination of this member of the Habsburg Dynasty in Sarajevo in 1914 was the event that marked the beginning of World War I.

Day 2 – Konopiste – Tabor

Distance: 60 Km / 37 miles

Description of the day: On this day, we have ahead of us the most demanding part of the entire bike tour from Czech Republic to Passau– more than 60 km on the bike. However, it is possible to shorten the stage, if needed. While riding our bikes, we will visit a newly reconstructed castle in Vrchotovy Janovice, from where we will continue to the region of the Czech “Meran”. It was named after the Italian region of Meran, which has similar climatic conditions and breathtaking views of the valley and surrounding ridges. The well deserved reward of today will be a visit of the town of Tabor, which was the headquarters of the Czech reformation. Here we can admire a well-preserved city with reinforcements and genius loci, which by using the assets of the landscape and countryside during its construction, resulted in several unsuccessful besieges of the town during the times of religious wars.

Day 3 – Tabor – Hluboka nad Vltavou

Distance: 60 Km / 38 miles

Description of the day: We will enter the South Bohemian region today. It is well known for its hospitality, fish farming and architectural style called the folk Baroque. The stage of this bike tour from Czech Republic to Linz will lead us through picturesque villages of this region and we will visit the village of Zaluzi with a well-preserved open-air museum of folk architecture. In the Borkovicka Marshland, besides admiring this natural wonder, you will learn more about peat mining. In Dolni Bukovsko, we will stop by an early Gothic church of the Birth of Virgin Mary with precious Gothic mural paintings. The highlight of today’s stage is the visit of neo-Gothic castle in post-Tudor style in Hluboka nad Vltavou. This fairytale-like building can be easily identified by its numerous big and small towers with a noticeable white color. The castle is beautiful not only from the outside, but the inside hides treasured items from the Schwarzenberg collection, which are carefully arranged in 141 rooms of the castle.

Day 4 – Hluboka nad Vltavou – Cesky Krumlov

Distance: 40 Km / 25 miles

Description of the day: Just after breakfast, we will go up the stream of the Vltava River to the South Bohemian metropolis – to Ceske Budejovice. Besides the well maintained main square with a Baroque fountain and the Black Tower, this town is famous worldwide for production of the Budweiser Budvar beer. Only one sip of this golden drink gives you a proof that beer making in Bohemia with its several hundred-year old traditions is the true national treasure. Further, we will visit the old monastery of Zlata Koruna (Golden Crown), which has its origins in the 13th century when it became an important center of education and ruling power of its time. At the end of the day, we will enter the town sometimes called the “Pearl of Renaissance” – Cesky Krumlov. We will admire a complex of more than 300 historical buildings surrounding a Renaissance castle, which were used to be the residence of the most significant aristocratic families in the times of the Czech Kingdom. After Prague, Cesky Krumlov is the most popular tourist destination in the Czech Republic. Visiting this town will definitely be the highlight of this entire bike tour from Czech Republic to Linz (for more info see UNESCO).

Day 5 – Český Krumlov – Passau

Distance: 55 - 90 Km / 35 - 56 miles

Description of the day: Transfer to Vyssi Brod, where we will be able to admire an old monastery founded in 1259. From here, we will continue over the Sumava National Park, which is sometimes nicknamed “the green roof of Europe”, to former Iron Curtain Area through so called "dead zone". After passing Nová Pec (the shorter option start)we will join a dimantled railway bike trail which will take us gentl through the rolling hills of Šumava. We will follow this trail nearly to Waldkirchen. From here it goes gently up and down through the bavarian rural area with perfect net of small side roads and bike trails till we reach our destination - Passau right on the banks of the mighty Danube river.

Day 6 – Passau

Description of the day: This day is yours to fully enjoy the beautifull town of Passau. Optionally you can follow the river downstream via the famous Danube bike trail all the way to Vienna. In case you are interested, we can arrange tour guiding services for you or help you to extend your stay. And this is the end of this whole bike tour from Czech Republic to Linz.

Price list
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Self-led Tours55512073515060/ 90/ Road/ 120 e-bike
Fully Guided Tour845120102515060/ 90/ Road/ 120 e-bike


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