Ohře river trail

To the West

This tour is like a cabinet of treasures and curiosities both old and new.. You start in the quiet Renaissance town of Litoměřice on the Ohře and Elbe confluence. Every day, history and culture reveal themselves, from Litoměřice we pass - Terezín (Theresienstadt) – an 18th-century fortress transformed into a ghastly witness of  Nazi crimes against Jews and dissidents.  Farther along you will reach Louny - the home of the fierce Hussite warriors, and then the hearth of hops - Žatec.  We continue to the ancient towns of Kadaň or Chomutov, then stay in the opulent spa town of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad).  Back into smaller cities, we pass the breathtaking castle of Loket throned high above the river, the silent gorge of Svatošské skály, and finally Cheb - the once imperial seat with its German, ancient castle... In between you meet numerous villages, castles, chateaux and mansions, beautiful nature and even an impressive, and hard-to-describe view of a  - industrial history lovers and construction fans will love it - strip coal mine. Fabulous natural preservations close to the untouched river. 

Day 1 Arrival to Litoměřice

Description of the day: This day is devoted to your arrival to this lovely town on the Ohře and Elbe rivers’ confluence. Litoměřice is an old seat of archbishops and a medieval trade hub full of Renaissance architecture and art - do take your time to explore! Should you like more nights prior to the tour, let us know; we are happy to assist!

Transfer: For those arriving to Prague, we are happy to provide a transfer, see below. The fully guided tour includes this transfer. Following the tour, we are also happy to provide a transfer from Cheb to Litoměřice/Prague.

Day 2 Litoměřice -  Louny

Distance: 57 km / 36 miles

Description of the day: An exciting first bike day! We start from Litoměřice, and travel upstream along the Ohře, admiring a number of chateaux along the way like Pátek, Vršovice and on the top of this all, Libochovice - a real baroque gem! As a backdrop for our route we have the gorgeous panorama of the Central Massif (Středohoří,) a real volcanic playground of nature - not active anymore, of course! Before all the beauty we pause in Terezín, or Theresienstadt. A great 18th-century fortress, which through WWII was turned into the infamous Jewish Ghetto. After this profound and educative experience we continue upstream to the chateaux and castles. Finally, we end up in Louny, an old walled town sleeping lazily on the river banks.

Day 3 Louny - Kadaň

Distance: 73 km / 46 miles

Description of the day: Today is full of different places! We start from Louny along the river enjoying the easy ride and again some lovely chateaux like Stekník. Once the hops fields grow big, we arrive in Žatec, the world capital of hops growing!  Less-known, and only a little less important, Žatec holds strong connections to the Hussite movement of the 15th-century. After that we continue along the river to the huge Nechranice dam.  Here we need to leave the Ohře for a while to explore  the gargantuan brown coal mine with gigantic mining machines, At the same time, we might have a chance to meet a dragon. Finally we arrive at our day’s destination - the medieval town of Kadaň with its fantastic town center, castle and a monastery. Its beauty today hides the destruction it endured during Communism.

Day 4 Kadaň - Karlovy Vary

Distance: 50 km / 31 miles

Description of the day:  Soon after leaving Kadaň we arrive in Klášterec, a lovely small town with a fairytale red chateau. Most of today leaves us in the gentle nature around the Ohře river offering some great views of the rather mythical Doupov hills area, for more than hundred years closed as a military training zone. A stop to remember is Kyselka - a tiny town once known worldwide as the most adorable small spa. Today, after decades of little interest, the place is slowly returning to its former beauty. From Kyselka it is just a short ride to Karlovy Vary, our destination and one of the tour’s highlights. This world-renowned spa is a real urbaine town, definitely worth a long walk, passing through its colonnades to try the waters of its numerous springs!

Day 5 Karlovy Vary - Cheb

Distance: 60 km / 37 miles

Description of the day: We'll start from Karlovy Vary and bike through the nature of the amazingly beautiful Ohre river valley. Our day leads us along a nicely built cycling trail through the Slavkov Forest nature preserve and the stunning Svatosske Skaly rock formations. Following the river we arrive in Loket with its stunning 14th-century castle. Next stop is the town of Sokolov with its noble chateau and town centre originating in the 13th century. Refreshments abound along the route, but the Kynsperk brewery or the coffee in Mostov's small chateau are highlights. Today's last stop and our overnight stay is the old imperial seat of Cheb. This old town with its rather German architecture and ancient castle tells many stories - starting with Barbarossa, continuing to Wallenstein and finally the search of a new future after WWII.

Day 6 Departure

Description of the day: The last day is dedicated to exploring Cheb or just relaxing - the town is well worth it! For those leaving by plane we are happy to provide a transfer to Prague. The fully guided tours have it included!

Price list
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Self-led Tours51012558512550/75/100
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